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Termite Treatments in Charlotte

How to Protect Your Property from Termites

There are two main forms of termite treatments in Charlotte, bait, and liquid. While both treatment options have pros and cons. They both can be effective in treating termites. It all comes down to how invasive you want your treatment to be done on your home or business. 

Termite Treatments in Charlotte

A Baiting System

The clever baiting system is designed with the termites’ natural habit of constantly foraging food against them. Bait stations are an effective form of termite treatment. These are placed around the home and once the termites find the stations, they would rather feed on the bait inside than feed on actual wood. The bait’s active ingredient is a synthesized chitin inhibitor, also known as an IGR (insect growth regulator).

These IGR baits, stop the termites from being able to create a new exoskeleton during their molting process. The workers will then feed the rest of the colony including the Queen and King. The IGR kills the Queen/Queens. Once the Queen dies the colonies will collapse and die. These stations will not attract termites from the neighbor’s house to yours. This termite treatment targets the termites that are foraging for a food source around your home or business. These systems will remain active as long as the installed system is being monitored.

Trelona ATBS Termite Baiting System

Here at Crown, we use the Trelona ATBS Termite Baiting System. This termite treatment targets the Queen causing the colony to collapse. The Trelona ATBS system is an environmentally responsible solution to keeping your home or business protected from termites. It uses a very little active ingredient to eliminate the entire termite colony. It poses no hazard to groundwater, people, or pets as the label list no restrictions for use around wells and cisterns. These stations are installed around the perimeter of your home or business with a low profile, the system is buried discreetly in the soil, hard to see for you but easy for termites to find.

The baiting system is a top choice for termite treatments in Charlotte. It has proven effective time and time again. The system with its discreet installation makes it an outstanding choice for the most choosy homeowner.

home termite protection

Liquid Termite Treatment

Liquid termite treatments also known as trench and rod can be quite involved due to having to dig a trench around the home and inside your crawl space if applicable. Some areas like porches, garages, and patios might need to be drilled. After all the trenching and drilling are done a termiticide is then applied into the trenches and drill holes.

This termite treatment targets the workers in hopes that they will transfer the termiticide to the rest of the colony. However, if the worker termites die too quickly the treatment may fail as the other members of their colony will wall off that area and continue looking elsewhere. This type of treatment needs to be redone every 7 years in order to maintain full effectiveness.

Due to the more invasive need for this treatment, most Charlotte homeowners try to avoid this type of termite treatment. 

Crown Pest Control’s 4 Step Plan of Action

  1. The First step is to perform a thorough inspection of the property to determine entry points and harborage areas. It’s also important to determine the type of pest and the severity of the pest problem.
  2. The Second is the initial treatment of the property by one of our trained service technicians. We utilize the most effective materials to treat your pest problems. Our treatment includes the critical areas inside and outside the house. Areas like the kitchen, storage spaces, garages, and other harborage areas (where bugs live, breed and hide).
  3. The Third step is to schedule a follow-up visit within 30 days to treat the harborage and other critical areas again to break the reproduction cycle of the insects, therefore, getting faster control of your pest problem.
  4. This Fourth step is implementing an ongoing maintenance program such as Crown Select to prevent future generations of insects from invading your home or business. This preventative approach outside will prevent future insects from invading the inside of your home or business. This is what we call “Peace of Mind.” Your place is Protected.

Crown Pest Control

We are trusted by many of your neighbors for termite treatments in Charlotte. We appreciate your trust and work hard to keep it.

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